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Gallery of our previous work

Whilst all of the work featured on this page has been sold please take a look and if any inspire you please ask about commissioning a similar design.

2/1 green with gunmetal wrap
A style that I did for a while, the core is green and gunmetal is wrapped around the trunk and bases of the branches. Effective but time consuming
2/2 Semi cascade in a wooden pot
I have been known to make my own pots out of wood when a ceramic one is not quite right
2/3 Green wrap cascade
I love these cascade pots from Walsall Studio Ceramics and could make cascades to set them off all day long. The wooden base is no longer used as slate is preferred
2/4 Gunmetal, green and aluminium
This one has always been one of my favourites to make and the original shown here sold in minutes at its first showing
2/5 Its had a hard life
This was an experiment in trying to keep the size down and uses an early version of the coating that we use on a lot of the later works. Again in a wooden pot
2/6 Copper on rock
2/7 Green wrap on rock
Another of the wrapped variety using thicker wire than we now use
2/8 Exposed root brown aluminium
This is near where it all started using 1mm brown anodised aluminium bonsai wire. It served me well but its hard on the fingers.
2/9 Gold
Gold coloured copper wire
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2/10 Bare copper in wooden pot
Bare copper tree in a handmade wooden pot
2/11 Gold Copper
2/11 Green and gunmetal wrap
Not the easiest way to make wire trees
2/12 Copper spiral style
Why not. Who says a trunk has to be solid
2/14 Copper and ali in a nutshel
Somebody gave me a nutshell of some sort so I had to make use of it
2/15 Copper spiral on slab
More than one way to use a pot. Turning it upside down can work just as well
2/16 Copper with deadwood
This was an early work using copper bonsai wire with aluminium deadwood effect
2/17 Rose Gold in wooden pot
The coloured wire comes in a wide range of colours
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